Dr. Nick Pavlakis

Medical Oncologist

Dr. Nick Pavlakis saw lung cancer as the disease area of greatest need and challenge, which is why he became an oncologist, specialising in lung cancer.

When diagnosing someone with lung cancer, regardless of their smoking history, Nick spends a lot of time explaining to patients that the disease is not their fault, something patients often find hard to move past.

When we embark on a journey with treating someone with cancer it’s about setting some shared goals, and it’s really hard to establish a goal when a patient is overwhelmed by guilt, if the stigma is impacting on that relationship. We need to move past that quickly so that patients can get the best outcome.
— Dr. Nick Pavlakis

Lung Foundation Australia needs your support to change the landscape of lung cancer by funding for research and better treatment options, and campaigning against the stigma that acts as a barrier to action.