Our campaign

Many Australians do not fully realise just how far-reaching the impact of their stigma can be.

The fact is, stigma results in delayed diagnoses, poor access to treatment, and a lack of research funding. This is why we’re asking for support not judgement.

In early 2019, we took the fight directly into Australian homes. In a confronting campaign, Fair Go For Lung Cancer, we asked 10 family members and loved ones of those diagnosed with lung cancer to make their own plea to the public – to give patients a fair go for research, treatment and support.

But it isn’t over. Today, Lung Foundation Australia is standing side-by-side with the medical community as they advocate for change. They can’t sit idly by and wait – not when they’re losing their patients. This frustration is why eight lung cancer specialists have chosen to share their stories and lead our most direct call to end the stigma.

Their images have been captured by photographer Stuart Crossett. His commitment to tackling the stigma is unwavering, after losing his brother, Andrew, to the disease in 2017.

Through the voices of some of Australia’s leading clinicians – and through the lens of Stuart – it is clear enough is enough. We won’t stop until we are truly free from stigma.

The colloquial meaning of the campaign’s tagline – FFS! – is intentional. It captures the frustrations of the lung cancer community.

Our clinicians with photographer Stuart Crossett

Our clinicians with photographer Stuart Crossett